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Welcome to Reformer Pilates, where we believe in the power of strengthening your core, lengthening your limits, and toning your body.

Led by our team of expert movement practitioners, we are dedicated to providing a world-leading fitness experience. With a passion for Pilates, we prioritize attention to detail, correct form, and synchronised breathing in every session. Our instructors offer specific cueing and guidance to ensure you understand how to activate and engage your muscles effectively during your reformer workouts.


Join us on this transformative journey as we help you enhance your posture, improve flexibility, and increase your mental coordination. At our studio, we are committed to delivering exceptional reformer sessions that empower you to reach your fitness goals. Experience the precision and benefits of Reformer Pilates with us today.

Class Levels

Reformer Pilates is for everyone. 

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Reformer 1

Discover the perfect class for beginners or those seeking a slower pace with detailed guidance. Our instructors focus on body positioning, movement, and transitions, ensuring a challenging workout. Pilates offers a comprehensive workout routine, combining strength, flexibility, and conditioning. Once you're comfortable, try Reformer 1+ for an extra challenge, or mix it up between Reformer 1 and 1+.

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Reformer 1+

Experience the transformative power of Reformer 1+.


This dynamic workout combines resistance and vigorous movements to push your strength to new heights, targeting and toning every muscle in your body, including those you never knew existed.


Prepare for an intense and sweat-inducing low-impact workout that delivers remarkable results.


Get ready for informative instruction, faster transitions, and a diverse range of movements that keep you engaged throughout the session.

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Reformer 2

Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? Look no further! This class is specifically designed to provide an extra challenge and push your body to its limits. Get prepared to unleash your full potential.


Expect exhilarating sessions that will leave you drenched in sweat. With a primary focus on core strength (consider yourself warned!), we incorporate various props such as balls, bands, and blocks to intensify the burn and ensure an incredibly rewarding experience.


A solid foundation in Reformer exercises is required. Bring your determination, and get ready to embark on an exciting journey of pushing your limits and achieving new heights in your fitness pursuit!

Phase 1
our of Timetable

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Our Pricing

An Unlimited FIREFIT Membership @ €145 now includes one reformer class per week! 

Additional Classes are then €15.

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