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FIREFIT End of Summer Referral Program

FIREFIT invites all its valued members to be a part of our special summer end treat. Refer a friend and stand a chance to win a €500 cash prize. Let your friends experience the vigor of FIREFIT and get rewarded for it!

Referring a Friend:

Considering joining?

  • Step A: Enter your details on the referral submission box.

  • Step B: Include the name of the friend who referred you.

Studio Tour & Intro Offer:

  • After successful registration, FIREFIT will contact you for a guided tour of our facility.

  • Following this, you will have the option to avail our special €50 introductory offer upon your visit.


  • How many friends can I refer?

    • As many as you'd like! Each referral will be considered as an additional entry for the cash prize.

  • When will the €50 be charged to the referred friend?

    • The €50 will be charged only after the referred friend completes the facility tour and chooses tojoin the introductory offer.

  • What if my referred friend doesn’t want to continue after the introductory offer?

    • There's no obligation for the referred friend to continue after availing the introductory offer. However, the referral will still be valid if they sign up for the initial offer. (3).gif

FIREFIT End of Summer Referral Program

Thanks for submitting!

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