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Don't take our word for it, 

Hear what our members have to say! 

Meet Member

Similar to most people post-pandemic, Barbara came to us with the goal of getting back into a routine of training after a period of gradually slipping away from it. This is completely normal! If you are someone with a busy lifestyle like Barbara, small group training facilities like FIREFIT are designed for you! 

Meet Members
Peter, Martha, Conor and Emma

This video was shot almost a year ago and we are proud to say Peter, Martha and Emma are still members with us today, making brilliant progress (Conor has moved abroad). 

While all the testimonials following this one were shot much later, you will find that the comments are mostly the same! Community, a great environment and the best of coaching and training! 

Meet Member

Michael's reason for joining us aligns closely with a lot of people. If you are someone who finds it hard to find a routine in your typical gym or if you don't like the typical environment, we are here for you! 

 Our small group based nature is designed so that you can benefit from both the social side of training whilst also getting 1-1 attention from our coaches. 

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